A new year brings new dates to note as legislative session begins

IFCL wishes everyone an enjoyable Christmas blessed with good health and special time with family and friends.

It’s also the time of year when state legislators reach out to assess their constituents’ stands on issues through mailings. It’s important to respond to those opportunities to be heard. If the wording of questions isn’t clear, use the “Comments” section to clarify opinions. Some legislators say the comment section is the most helpful.

Emphasize any of the issues shared at the recent IFCL meeting: health needs, education, earth care, elimination of straight ticket voting, food insecurity, affordable housing, rent escrow, and all matters that affect Hoosiers who may not be able to speak for themselves.

A link to an excellent article about the young people who live in Indiana is posted below.

There are several events to keep in mind as we look to the new session. See some of them here.

1/26/2023 Indiana Renewable Energy Day

See the link below for details. IFCL will support this event by sharing a table with Faith In Place.

2/1/2023 Confront the Climate Crisis

This event, co-hosted by Representative Carey Hamilton of Indianapolis, will be Wednesday, February 1 at 11 a.m. in the Fourth Floor North Atrium of the Indiana Statehouse. Anyone is welcome to join a bipartisan coalition of youth, advocacy organizations, and legislators calling on the Indiana General Assembly to pass bills that advance clean energy, conserve Indiana’s forests and wetlands, and establish a climate task force for a statewide climate action plan!



(RSVP is not required, but it is recommended to get an email reminder in January.)

2023 Legislative Calendar


  • 1/9/23: First Day of Session for the House and the Senate
  • 1/10/23: Senate Unlimited Bill Filing Ends and State of the State (7:00 pm)
  • 1/11/23: State of the Judiciary (2:00 pm) and Senate 2 per day filing begins
  • 1/12/23: House Bill Filing Deadline (2:00 pm)
  • 1/13/23: Senate Bill Filing Deadline (4:00 pm)
  • 1/20/23: Senate Deadline to Assign Bills to Committee


  • 2/21/23: House Committee Report Deadline
  • 2/23/23: House 2nd Reading Deadline and Senate Committee Report Deadline
  • 2/27/23: House 3rd Reading Deadline and Senate 2nd Reading Deadline
  • 2/28/23: Senate 3rd Reading Deadline


  • 4/11/23: House Committee Report Deadline
  • 4/13/23: House 2nd Reading Deadline and Senate Committee Report Deadline
  • 4/17/23: House 3rd Reading Deadline and Senate 2nd Reading Deadline
  • 4/18/23: Conference Committees Begin and Senate 3rd Reading Deadline
  • 4/27/23: Anticipated Sine Die
  • 4/29/23: Last Day to Adjourn Sine Die (by Statute)