Caring for Creation is Essential

“The earth and all that’s upon it belong to the Eternal. The world is His, with every living creature on it.”
Psalms 24:1, The Voice

Planet Earth is God’s incredible creation and it is our responsibility to honor all its inhabitants  As a volunteer witness, we advocate for clean water, air and soil for now and for our children’s children. Our desire to consume can deprive our children of their inheritance of an abundant earth.  Because life on earth is an intricate web of interdependence, care for creation can involve personal and corporate actions. While energy production has been a keystone of economic productivity, we believe that energy conservation is critical to decrease our energy needs, as well as reducing our pollution and environmental damage in energy production.  

We advocate for a simpler lifestyle and careful use of resources on a personal level.

We advocate for careful use of our natural resources by commercial interests in a thoughtful way, avoiding wasteful extraction that destroys the ecosystem on which we are all dependent.

We must stop treating our earth as an ATM and a trash can.

We must start protecting those who live near polluted areas.

Destroying our wetlands increases flood risk, decreases water quality and destroys wildlife habitat.

Total dependence on fossil fuels increases contamination of air and soil and water.

Pollution of our air and soil affects the unborn, increasing prematurity rates for those near fossil fuel power plants, increasing asthma and lung disease, cancers and cardiovascular disease.

Our communities of color and lower income are frequently at highest risk due to living in lower income areas near power or refinery plants.

If we believe that life is sacred, then we must act to protect our resources, which include our human and animal kin.