Our Priorities

We advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves.

We work together to express our Quaker conscience and social concerns by communicating with Indiana legislators, as well as through testimony before legislative committees, to help shape responsible decisions by our state government.

Our legislative priorities are Education, Environment, Justice & Equity, Public Health, and Voting & Elections.

Learn more about our priorities and our stance on each issue by visiting our priority overview pages:

IFCL follows education issues at the state level with an emphasis on quality education in every school for every student.

We advocate for a simpler lifestyle and careful use of resources on a personal level. We advocate for careful use of our natural resources by commercial interests in a thoughtful way, avoiding wasteful extraction that destroys the ecosystem on which we are all dependent.

Justice & Equity
IFCL follows legislation in Indiana with the hope of influencing decisions that will create a just, equitable future for the most people.

Public Health
If our bodies are created in the Image of God and are therefore temples of the Divine, then we are called to advocate that Hoosiers have access to good affordable health care, nutritious food and safe places to live.

Voting & Elections
IFCL advocates for electoral processes in which all can participate, resulting in elected officials who truly represent each of us.