Bills We’re Tracking

What’s going on at the Statehouse?

This is the longer budget session at the Indiana General Assembly. Call your legislator to support the bills you care most about.

• 1/9/23: First Day of Session for the House and the Senate
• 1/10/23: Senate Unlimited Bill Filing Ends and State of the State (7:00 pm)
• 1/11/23: State of the Judiciary (2:00 pm) and Senate 2 per day filing begins
• 1/12/23: House Bill Filing Deadline (2:00 pm)
• 1/13/23: Senate Bill Filing Deadline (4:00 pm)
• 1/20/23: Senate Deadline to Assign Bills to Committee
• 2/21/23: House Committee Report Deadline
• 2/23/23: House 2nd Reading Deadline and Senate Committee Report Deadline
• 2/27/23: House 3rd Reading Deadline and Senate 2nd Reading Deadline
• 2/28/23: Senate 3rd Reading Deadline
• 4/11/23: House Committee Report Deadline
• 4/13/23: House 2nd Reading Deadline and Senate Committee Report Deadline
• 4/17/23: House 3rd Reading Deadline and Senate 2nd Reading Deadline
• 4/18/23: Conference Committees Begin and Senate 3rd Reading Deadline
• 4/27/23: Anticipated Sine Die
• 4/29/23: Last Day to Adjourn Sine Die (by Statute)

Color coding: green bar -support, red bar,-oppose, gray bar -monitoring.

Education Bills

Legislation proposed for education in the 2023 session includes a variety of bills that could make education more affordable, such as eliminating textbook fees and automatically enrolling students for the 21st Century Scholars program. IFCL will continue to support bills that provide resources and encouragement for educators and students. We will oppose bills that stifle best practices teaching methods and promote partisan leadership of school boards.

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Environmental Bills

Our climate is changing and we will encourage our legislators to protect Hoosiers from drought, flooding and heat stress. Top priorities are increasing renewable energy, expanding opportunities to expand conservation in the state, cleaning up coal ash ponds next to our waterways.  

We support a youth climate initiative to create a climate task force and other initiatives.

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Public Health Bills

Following the aftermath of the pandemic, a state commission found that our public health departments need support. We support increased funding for public health, lead testing of preschool water sources, removing barriers to practice for nurse practitioners and nurse midwives. As well as support for mental and physical health and compassionate end of life options.

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Voting & Elections

IFCL strongly supports an amendment to the Indiana Constitution, to remove redistricting responsibility from the legislature and put it in the hands of a multi-partisan, citizens redistricting commission.  We also support automatic voter registration at the BMV and elimination of straight ticket voting.

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