Bills We’re Tracking

What’s going on at the Statehouse?

These are the 2021 bills that were introduced and moved through the Indiana General Assembly. We followed bills based on our IFCL priorities.

Education Bills

Indiana legislators supported a “scholarship program” for non-public schools without requiring accountability for how these funds are spent.  This seems to be fundamentally opposed to good governance and transparency of taxpayers’ money.

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Environmental Bills

More than 18 effective Environmental Care bills were introduced and none were heard in the House Environmental Affairs Committee. Chair Gutwein refused to hear bills that addressed storage of potentially harmful coal combustion residuals or notification of environmental spills. We are disappointed in his decision to not hear any bills in the first half of the legislative session.

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Public Health Bills

2021 legislators limited the authority of local health departments during emergencies and make them seek permission to act from political bodies rather than their public health expertise.

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Voting & Elections

2021 legislators chose to limit voting options and reduce access to the ballot under the guise that further actions were needed to safeguard against voter fraud. Court decisions have found no evidence supporting allegations of widespread election fraud.  The IGA will be creating district maps this fall.  We at IFCL believe an open and transparent process is best for a healthy democracy.

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