Education is essential to democracy.

“Knowledge is the treasure of a wise man.”
William Penn

Throughout history, Quakers have promoted education for all people. Specific efforts have included the education of freed slaves, indigenous groups, and immigrants. IFCL follows education issues at the state level with an emphasis on quality education in every school for every student.

All people deserve equal education opportunities. Public schools are most effective when they receive adequate funds to meet individual needs of their specific school community. 

There are many education bills proposed each legislative session, and it is challenging to follow all of them and understand how the bills may affect the many stakeholders: students, teachers, parents, and communities in general.  In some communities, the school system is the primary employer, and in all communities, education is of primary importance.

Therefore, IFCL follows education bills and enlists the help of other education professionals and groups as they study how to lobby for the most positive impact.

The Indiana General Assembly has promoted the privatization of educational institutions for several years. Recent legislation that expands voucher programs would create Education Scholarship Accounts that would put money into parents’ hands with no supervision, no accountability, and no community responsibility.

Public schools oppose this expansion that would divert 30 percent of the state’s education budget to approximately 10 percent of the state’s students.

Even though the public response to voucher expansion has been negative, a variety of maneuvers to include it in other bills continues. 

Without the communication of concerns about such bills, they would become law without the vetting process that is necessary for good law that engaged people can promote.

IFCL appreciates communication from anyone who has special knowledge about any education issue as we try to represent the best interests of all Hoosiers.