All In For Democracy Action Items

The All IN For Democracy coalition asks that supporters submit a video as part of the launch of our Democracy Hanging by a Thread Quilt project.  This will be a metaphor–both physical and virtual–for the vital importance of a fair, citizen-led redistricting process to the survival of representative democracy in our state.  

What we are requesting is a 30-second video of yourself answering one question:  Why do you believe that redistricting reform is critical to rebuilding democracy?  See below for further details and the deadline, January 11. 

I think of it as public theology: too seldom practiced, but crucial to our success.  Please contact me with any questions you may have.
Thank you.

Phil Goodchild, Indiana Friends Committee on Legislation (317-790-9054)

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Day of Action:Democracy Hanging by a ThreadThursday, January 6thIndiana State Library, 10am The Day of Action DetailsOn January 6th, the All IN for Democracy coalition will sponsor a Day of Action at the Indiana Statehouse.  We are holding this event in conjunction with the League of Women Voters of Indiana League Day at the Statehouse and issue briefings will take place at the Indiana State Library, 101 W. Ohio Street, from 10 – 11 a.m.  Box lunches can be purchased with your RSVP and after lunch, participants are encouraged to go across the street to the Indiana Statehouse to lobby their legislators via personal meetings or sending messages in via the doorkeepers, by telephone or email. RSVP here

League Day at the Statehouse -LWVIN – Events – League of Women Voters of Indiana

Purpose We want to make sure our cause is seen and heard at the beginning of the 2022 legislative session, while the most recent round of map-drawing is still fresh in everyone’s mind.  We are taking a different approach to reform this time; we’ll be pursuing an amendment to the Indiana Constitution to remove redistricting responsibility from the legislature and give it to a citizens commission.  This resolution is sponsored by Senator Fady Qaddoura of Indianapolis. 

Action We will support the League of Women Voters’ democracy quilt project and collect videos from Hoosiers to amplify the message of the quilt through video. Our goal is to show a wide range of Hoosiers’ hopes and demands for a fair redistricting process and the inclusion of citizens’ voices in our voting processes. Our democracy is hanging by a thread. We need citizens involvement to keep our democracy alive! We’ll also be asking participants to communicate with their State Senator and State Representative in support of redistricting reform. 

Information on the democracy quilt from the League On January 6, the League of Women Voters will unveil the Democracy Quilt project in State Library meeting space. It will be physical patchwork quilt comprised of 4.5″ squares with the letters DEMOCRACY in white blocks superimposed and “hanging” by threads from a clothesline superimposed across the top.  They will have a clothesline strung in the Library to which people can pin fabric squares on which they have written messages/statements (Fair maps, Hear my Voice, My vote counts, etc.) with fabric pens.  They will continue to collect quilt squares until we have the requisite 440 squares.  The quilt top will be assembled and it will be quilted over time, displayed at League and All IN for Democracy events to keep the issue of representation before the public.  The physical quilt will be displayed in process to parallel the legislative process.  We anticipate that the quilt may be finished before we actually have a more equitable process in place for redistricting, but we will continue to display it until we achieve democratic representation.   

Information on collecting videos 

All IN for Democracy coalition will be collecting video testimonies of individuals at the day of action to create a virtual quilt – which will ultimately be a produced video and used for email, social media and social media ads. We will also make direct asks to organization leaders to make videos of themselves. We will deliver copies of the video to representatives’ offices. We ask all of our members to try to collect video too! If each you can collect/shoot 5 videos each, that would be very helpful. Ideally, each of us can collect 5 or more 30 second video on our phones. ·       

Here’s the question we will ask for each video: Why do you believe that redistricting reform is critical to rebuilding our democracy? ·

Quick steps on how to do this:

The camera should be two-three feet from the subject while shooting. It’s important to shoot from the waist up and make sure the audio can be heard. Aim for a quiet area while shooting. You should do a test video first (if possible).  We would like all video to be sent to us by Tuesday, January 11th.  Please send all video Jenn Watts at or you can upload the videos directly to our shared folder if files are too big to send: