Audubon Society highlights important issues

This article from the Audubon Society highlights important issues:  habitat restoration along our Great Lakes is important for water quality and survival of our bird populations.  Additionally, it calls attention to the ongoing 21st Century Energy hearings in the Indiana IGA.  Indiana would benefit from greater distributed generation (energy produced by homeowners and businesses ) which can be sent back to the grid when excess energy is produced earning electric credit.  The Indiana General Assembly has consistently voted against net metering which may be due to their association with fossil fuel lobbyists.  
Please contact your representatives and ask for net metering to be restored and to support more projects that improve our resilience in climate change.

Clean Energy Week Recognized in Indiana, Legislators have Opportunity to Invest in a Brighter Future | Audubon Great LakesBirds are telling us it’s time to take action on climate, and Indiana’s legislators at the state and federal level are listening. Governor Eric Holcomb proclaimed this week, September 20 through 24, Clean Energy Week in