Blackburn visits Braun staff

After participating in the FCNL lobbying update, and being briefed on the issues, I prepared for my meeting by printing the FCNL leave behinds that featured two major asks:  restore the child tax credit and support funding to transition to renewable energy and environmental justice. 

I added some additional materials that I thought useful: a press release from Deloitte Economic Institute about the $1.4 trillion lost in the US due to storms, floods and wildfires over the past 50 years and the economic value in speeding the transition to renewables, as well as educational information about the negative impact of fracking on the unborn and maternal health. 

I greeted Jacob Harkin and Brandon, his intern and presented them with homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (as suggested by the Ohio advocacy team). I told them my main concern was a speedy energy transition, not only for national energy security but for economic security, emphasizing $1.4 trillion loss over 50 years due to storms, water damage, flooding and fires.  I reminded him that part of the Ukraine invasion was over control of natural resources, such as coal and natural gas supplies to Europe.  I gave them a handout from Deloitte: Inaction on Climate Change Could Cost the US Economy $14.5 Trillion by 2070. It had some clear directions on how to move forward in the transition, which Jacob appreciated.  When I presented a Medscape reprint on” Fracking Has Negative impact on Fetuses and Pregnancy (4.6.22), we discussed that Sen Braun has expressed concern the sanctity of the unborn and thus, how fossil fuels adversely affect the lives he cares about.  I encouraged him to renew his work on Growing Climate Solutions (S1251) and add incentives for regenerative agriculture. 

At my closing, I advocated for the resumption of the child tax credit to lift those children out of poverty and balance the inflationary losses they’re experiencing.  Jacob thanked me for the handouts and leave behinds.  In these short meetings, staffers appreciate having good information to convey to the Senator’s team.  I’m now ready to meet with our other senator and my representative.   I encourage everyone to reach out in person or by phone before the spring recess ends on April 22.   
Here are links to the two FCNL leave behinds along with attachments of the Deloitte information as well as the adverse effects on human health for fracking.
Print out the leave-behindBegin forwarded message:
In optimism, Mary