IFCL meets with Senator Todd Young to discuss housing issues

Indiana Friends Committee on Legislation Meets with U.S. Senator Todd Young

Phil Goodchild, Deb Goodchild, Clark Hadley and Diana Hadley met Monday, October 16, with U.S. Senator Todd Young on behalf of IFCL to discuss affordable housing issues. The group asked Senator Young to help more people get housed by expanding federal funding for Housing Choice Vouchers, and to help more people keep housed by reintroducing the Eviction Crisis Act. 

See the IFCL two-page handout we shared at the meeting


Senator Young has an excellent record of sponsoring legislation to address the eviction crisis and end homelessness and housing insecurity across the country and here in Indiana. We appreciate his willingness to discuss the issues and his bipartisan efforts to find solutions. 

As you know, housing affordability will be a lobbying focus for IFCL at the Indiana Statehouse in the coming session.  

GIMA effort toward housing issues

The Greater Indianapolis Multifaith Alliance, one of the groups we work with, has a fund-raiser you may want to support. The explanation from Rabbi Aaron Spiegel is below.

Indiana is one of only six states that doesn’t allow tenants to use their rent to make landlords comply with their lease contract. Stories of people living in uninhabitable housing – no heat, rats, mold infestation, doors and windows that don’t lock – are all too common. In other states, tenants withhold or escrow their rent to force landlords to make repairs. Escrow allows a tenant to pay their rent to the courts, who hold on to it until and unless repairs are made. We need rent escrow in Indiana. We need consumer protection; we need tenants to have some recourse.

Help us get the word out by supporting the creation of a documentary showing the deplorable conditions some tenants are experiencing. We need to show how some landlords -the bad actors of the industry – are taking advantage of Hoosiers by knowingly operating in a state that doesn’t hold them accountable.

We need to raise $5,000 to finish this documentary in time for the upcoming 2024 legislative session. Any amount will help, find our GoFundMe campaign here. Thank you!

One More Thing

See the link below for another special opportunity.

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