IFCL provides primary information

IFCL has worked with several affiliate organizations over the past several years, such as Hoosier Environmental Council, Family Promise, Prosperity Indiana, the Greater Indianapolis Multifaith Alliance and others to advocate for legislation that helps lift up and protect Hoosiers in their daily lives.  We have noticed that many bills that our alliances support are never heard in committee and quickly die.  A youth led initiative from the Conflict the Climate Crisis worked hard over several sessions just to have a state study commission on climate resilience.  It was killed in a Senate committee hearing and told these earnest and dedicated high school students last year that ‘sometimes you just have to wait your turn’.  Contrast that with HB1383, that was sped through all committees and was the first bill the governor signed.  The bill was reportedly strongly guided by the Indiana Builders Association and the supermajority leadership did not choose to support wetland protections for flood mitigation and wildlife ecosystem. The climate changes are becoming obvious as our winters are changing, and intense storms are increasing.

The IGA did not censor or remove a legislator who drove while intoxicated, crashed into a highway guardrail, left the scene of the accident, and tried to hide his damaged vehicle from authorities.  This same legislator intimidated high school students who were at the Statehouse to advocate for sensible gun laws by opening his suitcoat to reveal his weapon.

For IFCL and Quaker values to be heard and supported in the Indiana Statehouse, each of us need to do our part in selecting candidates who will listen and act with integrity.

Please use this link to see all the seats where there are primary challengers in your district. Read about them and support good candidates.  Speak to your high school government and civics classes and sign-up eligible students to vote.  If you have a university or college in your district, volunteer to help sign up college students to vote.  Also advocate for the campus to have an onsite polling station to reduce their barriers to vote.

Information for Indiana primary races for State Senate and Representatives is provided here.