Indiana Citizens Redistricting Commission Seeks Members (See application link, Jan. 4, 2021 deadline)

Since 1972, IFCL has worked to translate our Christian values into legislative action and to help shape responsible decisions by our state government. What inspires us as people of faith about the Indiana Citizens Redistricting Commission is that second word: citizens.

The ICRC will be a citizens’ commission, not a politicians’ commission. The ICRC process will be guided by citizens, not controlled by special interests. The goal of the process will be to encourage representation that looks more like the citizens of Indiana as a whole. Also, to limit the advantage that any one political party might hold over the redistricting process.

We, as Quakers, emphasize that each individual has worth, dignity, freedom, and responsibility before God. We are convinced by our faith and experience to look for that of God in every person. In terms of good government, that translates into our belief in a democracy where each citizen’s voice deserves to be heard, and where each citizen’s vote deserves to count equally. With a more transparent redistricting process, in which all citizens can participate, we can be more confident that our elections will produce representatives who truly represent each of us and our communities.

The other thing that excites us about the ICRC process is rooted in our efforts to promote the politics of conciliation. Now we all know that Hoosiers don’t all share the same opinions. But that does not make us each other’s enemies. We all know that Hoosiers love a good competition, but that depends on fairness. And Hoosiers are fundamentally fair people. They favor a fair contest of ideas, in which all opinions receive a hearing. Gerrymandered districts discourage fair electoral contests. So the ICRC process will rely on citizen involvement as the fairest way to draw new maps and to elect candidates like all of us. Citizens will have direct input on the redistricting criteria—the rules for ensuring fair map-drawing. And using those rules, citizens will be able to participate in a map-drawing competition, open to all, to be judged by the commission.

This will be an opportunity for people from everywhere in our state to take part. If government is the expression of our will as a people, this process will be a very hands-on way for Hoosiers to make their will known. And the legislative district maps it produces would lead to more competitive elections, in which candidates would have to listen to all voices, balance all interests, and if elected be more likely to act for the good of all constituents.

So we will be encouraging our members, and people of every faith, to take part in the ICRC project. With citizens involved at each point in the process, it will lead to redistricting reform by providing a better example to the Indiana General Assembly.

More information from coalition member Common Cause
Deadline for application: Jan. 4, 202

It’s clear that if we want a better way to draw maps in 2021, we have to do it ourselves.

Link Below: Note Jan. 4, 2021 Deadline
And, you can be part of the solution by signing up for our Citizens Redistricting Commission today!

Common Cause Indiana, through our leadership role in the All IN for Democracy coalition, is organizing the Indiana Citizens Redistricting Commission (ICRC), a diverse and representative group of nine Hoosiers who will lead a public discussion about what criteria should direct redistricting in Indiana and identify important communities of interest throughout the state. This information will be compiled and delivered to legislators with the request that they follow its recommendations as they embark on their map-drawing efforts. ICRC members will also serve as judges for our public mapping competition which will invite Hoosiers to get directly involved in redistricting by drawing Congressional and state legislative maps themselves using open source software and public data. I’ve been with Common Cause Indiana a long time and I know our members. Many of you would be great candidates for a seat on the ICRC because you understand that the future of democracy requires politically engaged people putting aside partisanship for the public interest.

It’s a big commitment but I hope you will consider throwing your hat in the ring. To read the eligibility requirements and to access the application, visit our website to get started!

Thanks for all you do,
Julia Vaughn, Policy Director
and the team at Common Cause Indiana

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