Indiana Senate Elections Committee to hold public hearing Monday, Sept. 27

Indiana Redistricting — Update & Action Alert

The Indiana General Assembly’s rushed redistricting process is nearing the finish line, moving at breakneck speed without regard for real transparency or meaningful public participation.  

On Monday, September 27 at 9:00 a.m., the Senate Elections Committee will hold a single public hearing at the Statehouse on new maps for state Senate, House and congressional districts.  You are welcome to attend, and if you feel so moved, to testify.  The Republican supermajority’s process has resulted in new maps statistically even more gerrymandered than the current ones.  By contrast, the Indiana Citizens Redistricting Commission IFCL helped create has modeled a transparent, open process which produced genuinely competitive maps focused on voters and their communities, rather than on preserving “safe districts” and clutching onto power for one party.  That contrast will be highlighted at next Monday’s hearing for all to see, even if politicians chose to ignore Hoosiers’ demands over the past nine months for fair maps.  

Following the hearing, there will be a press conference at about 11:30 a.m. on the Washington Street steps of the Statehouse.  You are invited to come to this media event and hear members of the ICRC as they celebrate their accomplishments, draw some distinctions, and challenge the General Assembly to really consider the fair maps the ICRC process produced.  

The race for a system of redistricting grounded in what’s good for people, not politicians, does not end with this legislative session.  Hoosiers have noticed what’s happening at the Statehouse.  And using the process the ICRC modelled, the All IN for Democracy coalition–and many of the ICRC commissioners who served their state so well–will return in 2022 and win passage of a reform bill making fair redistricting the law in Indiana. 

If you cannot come to the Statehouse for next Monday’s events, please write to or call your Senator now.  Ask them to slow down their rushed redistricting process.  Tell them to vote NO to maps that haven’t been properly scrutinized by the public.  If they really want citizens to trust their new maps, they should listen to us.  Because we will remember what they do this year and we are not going away.

Thank you for your continued interest.