Updates: Interfaith press conference and mapping competition information

The All IN for Democracy redistricting coalition of which IFCL is a member is sponsoring an inter-faith press conference, “Fair Maps:  We Want to Have Faith in Our Legislature.”  

The aim of this event is to portray redistricting not simply as a political issue, but a moral issue.  The message to legislators:  “This is a profound moment of choice for members of the Indiana General Assembly.  A moral moment.  Legislators, with the new district maps you enact, you’ll be voting either for perpetuation of democracy in our state, or for erosion of democracy.  Where do you stand?

 The press conference will be held at noon on Wednesday, September 1, at the Statehouse, outside Room 432 (which is the chapel on the fourth floor).  Beth Henricks, Indianapolis First Friends, will be among the six speakers from the Indiana faith community at the event.  Please join us.

In addition, All IN for Democracy’s contest for citizen-drawn legislative maps kicks off today.  If you are interested in trying your hand at drawing district maps for possible consideration by the Indiana General Assembly, check this out for details.   https://www.commoncause.org/indiana/press-release/all-in-for-democracy-launches-states-first-community-mapping-competition/

Contact Phil Goodchild with any question (goodch713@aol.com; 317-790-9054).  Thank you for your interest.